The Complexity of Simplicity

This post, “100 Common Myths & Misconceptions: The world’s most widespread falsehoods — debunked!” from Geekwrapped represents everything I love and everything I find frustrating about communicating complex concepts simply. The infographic is visually engaging and quickly introduces 100 learning takeaways … and then … well, let’s say I am a check-the-references gal.

Using “there are no learning styles” as an example (yes, that drew my attention for a reason), if you search the post, you will find one reference for that blurb: a 182-page study originally published in 2004. I am not going to question the validity of the debunking (well, not in this forum at this moment) and I am not here to remind you to “check the facts,” as I assume most of you already have that inclination, but I will say, while infographics are a geeky pleasure, complex concepts rarely can be summed up in simple iconography or copy blurbs.

Understanding still requires the investment of time and the desire to learn from the audience — the motivation must be there. While reading this post, I kept trying to click on these items to drill down to deeper learning — and I imagine I was not alone in that reaction. Achieving understanding can always be “easier” on an audience … but can’t always be “easy.”

Here’s to great infographics that inspire a desire to read on and achieve an even deeper understanding, to audiences with a passion for learning, and to “drill-down content” that continues to make the learning experience enjoyable for diverse audiences with a variety of learning styles! (See what I did there?) 🙂




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