Market Access Fall Readiness Workshop


Twice a year, AstraZeneca’s Market Access function brings field-based employees together for strategic alignment. In 2018, attendees came to question the value and impact of these sessions. Cobalt rejuvenated the workshops with a “Dare to W1n” theme, a lively visual identity, and an updated format that delivered key content in advance of the face-to-face meeting. The Initial Need — To prepare its field force to have complex conversations with customers about the entire AstraZeneca portfolio and how changes in the healthcare industry can affect patient access to medicines, AstraZeneca Market Access organizes twice-yearly readiness workshops — one in the spring and one in the fall. Unfortunately, attendees felt that the in-person meetings weren’t an efficient way to receive training. They were spending much of the workshop being saturated with information, without adequate time to absorb what they were learning and to have effective practice conversations. With the Fall Readiness Workshop fast approaching, it was time to reimagine the meeting.


“When attendees walked into the venue, they felt excited, energized and prepared to get to the substance of the meeting. Workshop organizers received feedback that the venue was more visually engaging, that the meeting format was more conducive to learning and that everyone felt better prepared to have an immediate impact when they returned to the field.”



  • Creative theme
  • E-mail campaign
  • Infographics
  • Landing pages
  • Explanatory expert videos
  • Environmental graphics



Display screens provided by the venue cycled through sports-related inspirational quotes.

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