GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Container Promotional Campaign

W.L. Gore & Associates

In the summer of 2018, Gore PharmBIO Products, the life sciences division of W.L. Gore & Associates, launched a new product — the GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Container. The Gore team engaged Cobalt to develop a creative campaign that would introduce these innovative storage containers to the market and, ultimately, encourage target prospects to order a sample and test it for durability and stability at between -40°C to -86°C with the intention of validating it as a new platform for cold chain handling. Cobalt’s “Not That You Would, But You Could” concept placed the STA-PURE containers in extreme environments to emphasize the product’s strength and durability in extremely cold conditions. The campaign, which included social media marketing and email marketing linked to a dedicated landing page, created a buzz among decision-makers and influencers and led to a number of inquiries and sample orders, even in advance of a fall trade show event officially launching the product.


“The marketing team had such a strong feeling about the campaign creative that we pushed leadership to accept it even though it was out of our comfort zone. Because the creative aligned with the value proposition and was true to the product positioning, they decided to proceed — and we were rewarded with a significant number of qualified leads.”



  • Campaign strategy and concept development
  • Campaign landing pages
  • E-mail campaign
  • LinkedIn InMail content
  • Social media message development
  • Display ads
  • Tradeshow creative
  • Technical animation





Much of the campaign occurred on social media and other online channels. For Gore, LinkedIn is a useful outlet for reaching members of their target audience. And trade shows are still excellent venues to attract and qualify leads.


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