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West Pharmaceutical Services

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To capitalize on its 100-year success and to solidify its positioning, West Pharmaceutical Services spent much of 2018 developing and introducing a new corporate tagline — By your side for a healthier world — and a new creative label — Simplify the Journey — for the company’s Integrated Solutions offering, which bundles products and services in a complete, end-to-end solution. In 2019, Cobalt was charged with taking the updated brand architecture and creating a signature visual that could bring the West brand to life — while keeping the fundamental architecture in place.

The biggest challenge was creating a visual system that added value to the existing brand elements without creating confusion for end users. At the same time, it was important not to over-emphasize Integrated Solutions, which was a great way to position the company, but it wasn’t the sum total of the company. Cobalt’s solution consisted of a graphic “W” meant to echo the diamond in the West logo. This graphic consisted of six diamond-shaped containers that could hold photos selected to emphasize either West products or West people. The “W” graphic was paired with a companion visual, designed to look like a drop-down menu, that made it possible to highlight keywords associated with either brand-related (i.e., product) or human resources-related (i.e., recruitment) messaging. The signature visual was versatile enough to be used in a variety of marketing applications, from online social media to print ads to trade show environments. Beginning in July 2019, the West marketing team actively rolled out Cobalt’s signature visual across all digital channels, including LinkedIn, YouTube and the West blog. Engagement with content featuring the signature visual was high. For example, videos posted on LinkedIn attracted an average of 1,400 views. Videos posted on YouTube attracted, on average, 45 views each. The visuals were also incorporated into West’s fall tradeshow exhibits, making a significant contribution to the overall impact of the booth.

“The By Your Side concept was well-received by stakeholders across the organization. We had lots of positive feedback from our VP of Recruitment, SVP of HR, SVP of Corporate Strategy, VP of Scientific Affairs, Chief Commercial Officer, and various other commercial leaders.”

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  • Signature visual strategy to amplify, extend and refresh existing brand elements
  • Visual library showing applications of approved concept to common deliverables
  • Style guide summarizing how to present the signature visual consistently
  • Social media message development
  • Display ads
  • Video title screens
  • Tradeshow creative
  • Online Banner ads
  • PPT presentation templates

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