Corporate Communications

2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

West Pharmaceutical Services

When West came to Cobalt in 2021 to help produce the company’s 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, the corporate communications team had an overarching goal of transitioning from a print-only report to an online-only report. Making the leap to a fully dedicated CSR website, however, was too big of a project to entertain in the current budget year. At the same time, simply posting a PDF on the West website (the solution in previous years) didn’t provide an elevated experience for readers. Cobalt proposed that West create an online flipbook to take advantage of multimedia features, such as videos and animations, which drive engagement. Our team also proposed that we design the report in an Adobe workflow, to accommodate printing of a few samples, then use a PDF output as the foundation for the flipbook. The final publication was embedded on the West website, where the report previews directly on the page and allows for a fullscreen experience.

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