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Science-based businesses depend on excellent design to communicate complex concepts with maximum impact. We’re a design-driven life sciences marketing agency and we make it easy.

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The visual elements of any marketing communications tool — print or digital — are key to successfully attracting your audience and differentiating your brand. Just as graphic elements must work hand-in-hand with written content to deliver your message, our designers and writers work together to create effective marketing deliverables. Let our team of creative professionals handle your design projects while you focus on the business at hand.

Our expert designers have decades of experience and stay current with design trends, best practices, and technology to perform all aspects of graphic design. They specialize in thoughtfully illustrating complex concepts while incorporating compelling and eye-pleasing design. In collaboration with our strategists, writers, and clients, our designers develop marketing materials with impact that entice, engage, and inform viewers.

Our Design Services

Print Materials

Engaging, high-quality printed marketing materials do more than promote a specific event, product, or service. They also act as brand ambassadors, communicating your brand’s personality and style. We work with clients to understand their brand, specific goals, and target audience to create captivating and polished printed materials including brochures, direct mail, and sales kits.

Websites + Apps

Our designers apply their knowledge and expertise to build effective websites and mobile apps with clear and appealing layouts, using graphics and multimedia to attract, illustrate, and explain, while applying standards for user-friendly navigation, ease of use, interactivity, hierarchy, and other elements that ensure an excellent user experience.

Video Production Design + Motion Graphics

Marketing messages delivered through video and motion graphics can have a significant impact — if they are done well. We specialize in life science communications and can help you produce the videos and animations you need to promote your brand, demonstrate your product, answer prospects’ questions, and showcase your SMEs.

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    Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we use your personal information.

    Corporate Presentations + Slideshows

    Our creative team applies contemporary techniques and styles to create professional and effective presentations and slideshows for science-focused businesses. We work with you to understand your business goals and challenges and build visually appealing presentations that reflect your brand and communicate your message clearly.

    Custom Logos — Your Brand’s Signature Look

    Your logo is crucial to your brand’s identity. Our designers apply their talent and skill to produce and update logos and carefully align a brand’s signature visuals including colors, icons, and fonts. We’ll work with you to understand your brand, present a range of options, listen to your feedback, and work to create a complete look that satisfies your needs.

    Conference + Exhibit Materials

    Preparing conference and exhibit materials for your science business’ active trade show season should not take valuable time away from your team members’ core duties. Our designers are experienced in all aspects of conference material production, including designing graphics and complete exhibits for trade shows. We will help you stand out from the crowd with custom eye-catching brand environments.

    Connect with Cobalt

    As a life sciences communications agency, we specialize in highly technical B2B markets where complex ideas and information must be conveyed with clarity. Contact us today to learn how our team of writers, designers, strategists, and content architects, can help you reach — and engage — your internal and external audiences.

    Here’s how we can help you meet your design needs:

    We’re Efficient

    Whether your design project requires a quick turnaround or planning and implementation over weeks or months, our team has the flexibility to create high-quality deliverables that meet your timetable. We assess priorities daily, shift resources as needed, and use project management tools and systems to keep everyone on the same page.

    We’re Creative

    The most effective design does more than just deliver the details. A creative touch, whether subtle or bold, leaves a lasting glow and provides the surprise and delight that keeps customers engaged. We combine our energies to give projects just the right dose of flair and emphasis.

    We’re Problem-Solvers

    With the goal of making complex ideas clear, we approach every design project with a creative and critical mindset, evaluating each of the possible solutions to find the best ones. Our team members apply their decades of experience to solving science communications challenges through all aspects of visual design.

    We’re Team Players

    We work closely with our clients and with Cobalt’s science writers, content strategists, and project managers to understand how design fits into each project’s overall context and how design can help elevate a project and overcome communications challenges.

    As a strategic communications agency serving science- and R&D-driven organizations, we specialize in highly technical markets where complex ideas and information must be conveyed with clarity. Our team includes writers, designers, strategists and content architects, all working together to help you reach — and engage — your internal and external audiences.

    Communicating complex ideas is hard. We make it easy.

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