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For 20+ years, we have helped our pharmaceutical clients make complex ideas comprehensible using business-informed communications strategies and provocative narratives.

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Cobalt can help you clear the paths you need to get your message to your audience in a concise and understandable way by using copy and imagery that attracts attention, increases engagement and inspires action. Our pharmaceutical experience includes:

Integrated Campaigns

When you’re introducing — or reintroducing — a product, service or event, an integrated campaign can be a useful vehicle to drive awareness or attract end-user consumers. At the same time, there are many platforms and channels at your disposal. Creating a cohesive strategy that brings together the right combination of traditional and digital marketing tools and delivers content at the right time requires both blue-sky thinking and down-to-the-detail planning. Cobalt has extensive experience strategizing, designing and implementing integrated promotional campaigns for both internal and external corporate audiences.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees in a post-COVID world may never be the same. As the business community faces the “Great Resignation,” finding ways to retain talent and keep them invested in their employer’s success will be more important than ever. Companies must go beyond Taco Tuesdays and find meaningful ways to connect with their employees and keep them motivated. Cobalt has been helping pharmaceutical companies navigate similar issues for more than 20 years. Our principals, Leslie and Bill Harris, worked as internal communicators at a leading global pharmaceutical business, so they know what it takes to create content that inspires action and accountability. Count on us to become an extension of your team, even behind your firewall if appropriate, as we truly come to know the unique culture of your organization.

PowerPoint + Presentations

We get it: pharmaceutical teams think in PowerPoint. Whether it’s communicating market access strategy, providing results of a brand’s recent clinical study, or highlighting the benefits of an employee volunteerism program, you and your colleagues collect your thoughts in Microsoft’s ubiquitous presentation software. But if you’ve ever suffered a near-death experience navigating a poorly executed presentation, then you know why good design and thoughtful content preparation are so critical. Cobalt can help you on both fronts. We’ve helped pharmaceutical executives, managers, scientists and brand team members streamline, simplify and beautify their PowerPoint presentations. And when PowerPoint isn’t the right solution, we can provide other options, such as interactive PDFs or interactive online content.

Meetings + Conferences

In a typical year, pharmaceutical teams will attend a number of internal and external meetings, ranging from strategic goal-setting sessions to industry conferences to employee recognition events. Often, preparing for these events must happen above and beyond other activities and responsibilities. That’s when it’s helpful to have an external partner to help think through meeting strategy and to create necessary materials and branding for any event. Cobalt has partnered with pharmaceutical teams, large and small, to think through objectives, develop thematic elements and produce environmental graphics and wayfinding elements. Our team can help your team prepare for any type of event and ensure successful completion of meeting objectives.

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    Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we use your personal information.

    Pharmaceutical Market:
    Punctuated Equilibrium

    The pharmaceutical market has changed dramatically over the last decade. The days of blockbuster medicines and volume-based contracting are long gone. Today’s pharmaceutical companies must focus on delivering personalized medicines under value-based agreements. And they must make these changes as their R&D organizations become more streamlined and focused and their manufacturing moves from a few monolithic factories to an increasing number of smaller production facilities.

    All these changes affect how pharmaceutical companies communicate, both internally and externally. The complex scientific nature of pharmaceutical messaging, along with the constantly evolving technology landscape, makes it especially challenging to reach audiences and compel them to act. In fact, communicating successfully can feel a lot like hacking a pathway through the jungle with a dull machete.

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    Do you have content that needs to be distributed to audiences clearly and concisely? We offer a wide range of services to help you make the complex comprehensible. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

    As a strategic communications agency serving science- and R&D-driven organizations, we specialize in highly technical markets where complex ideas and information must be conveyed with clarity. Our team includes writers, designers, strategists and content architects, all working together to help you reach — and engage — your internal and external audiences.

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