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Medical device manufacturers were already challenged by rapid growth prior to 2020. Then came an increased demand for medical devices, diagnostics, and supplies needed for the COVID pandemic response, which pushed manufacturing capabilities to their limits just as labor shortages loomed.

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These unexpected challenges simply layer on top of other complex issues, such as navigating regulatory hurdles to bring combination products to the market, investing intelligently in wearable technologies, and expanding operations to include additional metal and plastic processing. Environmental, social and governance efforts are also complicating how medical device manufacturers deal with matters ranging from diversity and inclusion to carbon reduction.

It may not be immediately apparent, but a cohesive communications strategy can help device companies confront these issues with greater confidence. Sending clear, consistent messages to suppliers, partners and customers reinforces your key brand messages, builds loyalty and cements relationships. Similar benefits can be gained within the walls of your organization. When executives, managers and team leaders operate from the same communications playbook, they help employees understand the business, embrace key policies and, most importantly, appreciate how their roles contribute to the company’s success.

Our Medical Device Experience

Cobalt Communications has spent more than two decades helping life science, healthcare and medical device companies tell captivating stories about the work they do. We only work with science-driven organizations, so we get the technical stuff, and we know how to create and deliver messages that engage, motivate and captivate your target audience. It’s why 95 percent of our clients come back for more than one engagement, and why 75 percent of our clients partner with us for at least five years.

Branding + Positioning

Medical device companies often operate as original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, which means their brand names often don’t appear on final products. But that doesn’t diminish the importance of branding and positioning. In fact, strong brands and clear differentiation are required up and down the B2B value chain to help device companies clarify why they are the partner of choice to bring a new product successfully to the market.

Content Creation + Marketing

Medical device manufacturing is a highly technical business — and it can be difficult to trust a marketing agency to get your message just right. Because Cobalt specializes in helping science- and R&D-driven organizations, we already have a basic working vocabulary of your industry that we can leverage right out of the gate. Plus, all of our writers either have a science degree or years of experience writing about technical subjects. That means we’re capable and qualified to decode complex scientific messages into understandable content that is easily consumed by your target audience. We can work with you to create website content, blog posts, sales and marketing videos, white papers, email campaigns, social media posts, and more.

Design Services

As an organization driven by QbD principles, you appreciate the importance of design and design thinking. We feel the same way. Cobalt’s designers work closely with our writers to understand customer needs and challenges and then draw upon creativity and inspiration to deliver solutions that inform, motivate and captivate. Whether we’re creating logos, icons, scientific illustrations, process diagrams or infographics or developing pixel-perfect publication layouts, our designers have one overarching goal — to ensure that key messages are seen, and complex ideas are understood.

Do you have unmet communication needs?

Do you have content that needs to be distributed to audiences clearly and concisely? We offer a wide range of services to help you make the complex comprehensible. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

As a strategic communications agency serving science- and R&D-driven organizations, we specialize in highly technical markets where complex ideas and information must be conveyed with clarity. Our team includes writers, designers, strategists and content architects, all working together to help you reach — and engage — your internal and external audiences.

Communicating complex ideas is hard. We make it easy.

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