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Innovation is at the heart of how biotech/biopharmaceutical companies come into existence, and continued innovation determines how they grow. But therein lies the rub – innovation implies change, and sometimes it’s a dramatic change.

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The first communications hurdle biotech/biopharmaceutical companies face is that, before starting the conversation about who they are and what they do, they must first educate about the science behind their innovation. From there, members of this rapidly growing industry encounter an even trickier hurdle — communicating their innovation in an understandable way for diverse audiences while clearly differentiating from competitors and motivating customers to invest in change.

For 20+ years we have specialized in making complex ideas comprehensible to highly diverse audiences while clearly differentiating the value of innovative therapies and technology from competitors.

Our Biopharmaceutical & Biotech Digital Marketing Experience

Cobalt can help build curiosity, excitement and engagement around your innovation, inspiring audiences to act. From R&D to DTC, we have helped biotech marketing and biopharmaceutical clients make complex ideas comprehensible for internal and external audiences for more than 20 years. Building upon a deep understanding of the manufacturing process and the marketplace, we align communication strategies with business goals that deliver measurable results.

Biotech Branding + Positioning

Every communication establishes and reinforces your brand, and the story it tells should be consistent when talking to employees, investors, partners, payers, care providers or consumers. This does not come by chance, but through strategic planning, knowing the competitive landscape, understanding the value proposition by audience, using the right channel to connect with each audience – and most importantly, making an emotional connection through content. Cobalt can help define, develop and deliver on your brand messaging to establish, change or grow your brand equity.

Content Creation + Biotech Marketing Company

Cobalt’s writing team has decades of experience creating content that is purpose-driven, accessible and understandable. From video scripts to social media posts to on-page content, we decode complex scientific messages into understandable content that is easily consumed by your target audience. We are experienced in creating recurring newsletters, meeting support, training presentations and videos, formulary announcements, forum support and much more. Our team of creatives loves the challenge of creating taglines and ad copy that put products or processes at the front of an audience’s mind. Check out our success stories for what we can do.

Design Services

Good design does more than just attract attention, it creates the tone and reinforces the brand as it guides the audience through the content, enabling focus on the critical takeaways. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our design teams’ data visualizations and infographics, where highly complex concepts and processes become logical flows that educate and inform. Whether creating any of the visual components to go along with the creative copy our writers have come up with for life science and biopharmaceutical marketing campaigns or designing logos or entire families of icons that bring uniformity to onscreen or print materials, they can do it all. Check out our success stories for some examples of what we can do.

PowerPoint + Presentations

Some creatives hear “PowerPoint,” and they cringe, reluctantly managing by inserting large unalterable graphics into each slide. At Cobalt we understand that PowerPoint is a common language in the industry – and we know the program inside and out, building presentations and developing master templates that set our clients up for success. But despite that body of knowledge, that isn’t where we shine – it’s how we help organize content and balance the words and visuals on each slide to ensure the audience walks away knowing what they need to know. We’ve helped c-suite, R&D, medical, market access, brand and sales team members streamline, simplify and beautify their PowerPoint presentations. And when PowerPoint isn’t the right solution, we provide other options, such as interactive PDFs or an interactive online experience.

Meetings + Conferences

From the board room to a training center to an expo hall (virtual or otherwise), internal and external meetings are where biopharmaceutical companies make connections, share knowledge, develop strategies, build consensus, and make decisions. To be successful, these events must be worth the time spent on them (for both planners and attendees) – and that requires highly engaging, well-organized content with clear purpose, value, and outcomes. Preparing for these events is easier with an external partner that knows you, your products and your industry to help your team with strategy, creative themes, and integrated content for before, during and after the event.

Do you have unmet communication needs?

Do you have content that needs to be distributed to audiences clearly and concisely? We offer a wide range of biotech digital marketing agency services to help you make the complex comprehensible. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

As a strategic communications agency serving science- and R&D-driven organizations, we specialize in highly technical markets where complex ideas and information must be conveyed with clarity. Our team includes writers, designers, strategists and content architects, all working together to help you reach — and engage — your internal and external audiences.

Communicating complex ideas is hard. We make it easy.

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