Leslie Harris Named to the Board of MASHSMD

Cobalt Communications, Inc., a strategic communications firm focused on healthcare and science-based organizations, is pleased to announce that their president and director of strategy, Leslie Harris, has been named a Board Member at Large for the Mid-Atlantic Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (MASHSMD). Leslie and her fellow board members will be working together to grow MASHSMD’s membership through engaging and educational networking events that bring together healthcare marketing and communications strategists from across Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

“It’s an exciting time to join the MASHSMD board,” said Harris. “With the recent expansion of our territory, we have an opportunity to develop an even more diverse network of members from hospitals, health systems, provider groups and the agencies that support them in their effort to improve the health of their communities.” With her experience in change management and strategic meeting planning, Harris hopes to contribute ideas, and elbow grease, in bringing compelling, interactive events for MASHSMD members.

“It’s an honor to serve on the board,” Harris continued, “and the opportunity to interact with the creative and big-picture thinkers who make up the membership of this organization is a pleasure you have to experience to fully understand.”

MASHSMD is an independent chapter affiliate of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD), serving healthcare marketers and planning professionals in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The society is a membership-based organization that provides educational benefits including regional networking opportunities, programming and conferences and an awards program to celebrate the most outstanding work in healthcare marketing and public relations.

Practicing the art and science of understanding, Cobalt Communications works at the intersection of science and strategy, helping healthcare, medical, technology and scientific companies engage their internal and external audiences more effectively. Cobalt’s team of strategists and creatives are experts at communicating complex information within complex organizations, and always apply their collective imaginations to elevate their client’s materials — and messages — to a new level.

Cobalt-60 is the name of our blog, an online digest dedicated to the art and science of communications. (It’s also an isotope of the element cobalt.)

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