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All the world’s a stage in Tara’s life, and when she’s not directing the activity, she’s working behind the scenes so the audience is only aware of the flawless performance (and not aware of what could easily spiral into chaos without her watchful eye). This seems only natural for Tara, who started acting in plays and singing in the community choir at the age of six and has always had a close relationship with the arts. Her ability to see details and how they all work together is in an incredible asset at Cobalt — because she has a knack for noticing if anything is missing or overlooked in the fray. Tara earned a degree in preschool education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and her early career as assistant director for a childcare facility sharpened her ability to turn a mess into something with order and structure. At Cobalt, Tara is the maven of managing details and processes for various projects with our pharmaceutical clients. With more than five years working on Cobalt’s accounts, she’s become a trove of knowledge that our clients rely on as much as we do.

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