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Lori Kantor

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A sixth-grade research paper on photography first sparked Lori’s appreciation for the challenges and rewards of finding creative ways to explain technical and complex subjects. As a compulsive and curious reader with a keen interest in medicine and science, Lori charted her course toward science writing when an influential college advisor pointed her toward the career path that seemed like the perfect fit.

Before joining the writing team at Cobalt, Lori worked as a science writer and editor for a variety of companies and publications. Her tasks have included editing and co-authoring peer-reviewed research articles, writing blog posts, email campaigns, brochures and manuals. With every assignment, Lori strives to translate and distill technical information, root out jargon, and present readers with clear, polished content.

Lori seeks sunshine and outside time whenever possible and enjoys restorative walks in Pittsburgh’s parks and neighborhoods. She was delighted to have two haikus selected and displayed as part of the city’s safety art contest in 2021.

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