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Lisa Harris

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Lisa, a lifelong designer and creative spirit, began her career as an interior designer for a major mid-Atlantic firm. In that role, she realized that she enjoyed building relationships with people as much as choosing colors and specifying paint, fixtures, and furniture. That led her to explore account management positions in creative agencies until she joined the leadership team of Orbit Integrated in 1997. As president of the B2B brand development firm, she managed all sales and marketing activities, growing the business to more than two million dollars in revenue. Today, in addition to spearheading Cobalt’s business development efforts, Lisa leads Boyer New York, a costume jewelry company that has been synonymous with style and high quality for decades. She is a true people person and an optimist at heart. But her skills as a creative are always on display, which makes her an invaluable asset to Cobalt’s creative team and customers alike.

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