Cobalt 2019 Year in Review

Key highlights from our very successful 2019.

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It’s a good thing a picture is worth a thousand words — because we’d struggle to fit all of Cobalt’s accomplishments from 2019 into that word limit. We turned to one of our favorite — and one of the industry’s strongest — communications tools: the infographic.

An infographic is a simple, effective way to tell stories with great visual impact. One of their great strengths is the ability to dissect or summarize a complex subject with visual content that is easy to process for your audience. Presenting your content with facts and figures helps lend clout, and infographics are linkable and shareable, which gives them maximum reach.

In a nod to clarity and simplicity, we took a look back at our 2019 by the numbers and pictures. Cheers to an even more successful 2020.

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