Cobalt-60 is the name of our blog, an online digest dedicated to the art and science of communications. (It’s also an isotope of the element cobalt.)

Oct 2021
How to Bulletproof Your Writing
A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Lists Like a Pro
Jul 2021
Successful Subject Matter Expert Interviews
Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
Mar 2021
Transitioning from Born Doer to Born Leader
How Doers Can Lead Effectively
Jul 2020
Six Innovators in Isolation
Artists and Visionaries Whose Ideas Were Bred in Solitude
Jun 2020
Summer 2020’s Great Escape: Books
What Cobalt Staffers Are Recommending for Your Summer Reading List
Jun 2020
Using Downtime to Boost Your Creativity
Apr 2020
Brand-Building in the Time of COVID -19
(Hint: It’s about People — and Always
Has Been)
Apr 2020
Working Hard to Work Hard
Mar 2020
Words + Pictures
What Can a Writer and Designer Learn from Each Other?
Feb 2020
Cobalt 2019 Year in Review
Key highlights from our very successful 2019.
Feb 2020
Internal vs. External Communications:
Loving Soulmates or Strange Bedfellows?
Dec 2019
The Psychology of Slogans
What They Are & How They Work
Dec 2019
Letter-perfect Layouts:
The ABCs of F- and Z-Shaped Reading
Aug 2019
Context Is King
The Role of Context in Communication
Jul 2019
Thinking Inside the Board
Using Mood Boards to Generate Ideas and Build Consensus
Jul 2019
The Zen of Zero
The Pluses and Minuses of Inbox Zero
Jun 2019
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
A Marketer’s Guide
May 2019
Thinking Like Sun Tzu
How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis
Apr 2019
The Lessons of Winning and Losing
A Primer for Marketing Communications
Mar 2019
From Wannabe to Winner
7 Key Ingredients of Winning Organizations
Feb 2019
Brand Positioning
How to Look Different in a Sea of Sameness
Feb 2019
Storytelling and Social Media
Eight Techniques
Sep 2018
Why is North Up?
How Flipping Your Perspective Can Lead to Creative Success
Jul 2018
Selling With Science
The Good, The Bad And How Things Change
Jun 2018
Cobalt 13
Houston, We Have a Business
May 2018
Better Brainstorming
How to Generate Effective Questions and Answers
Mar 2018
Physical Fitness
Environmental Branding 101
Aug 2017
Message Eclipsing and Leadership
How to Avoid Overshadowing Your Own Messages
Mar 2017
Building a Business vs. Building a Brand
Channel Your Inner Eisenhower