Jul 2020
Six Innovators in Isolation
Artists and Visionaries Whose Ideas Were Bred in Solitude
Jun 2020
Using Downtime to Boost Your Creativity
Mar 2020
Words + Pictures
What Can a Writer and Designer Learn from Each Other?
Dec 2019
The Psychology of Slogans
What They Are & How They Work
Sep 2018
Why is North Up?
How Flipping Your Perspective Can Lead to Creative Success
May 2018
Better Brainstorming
How to Generate Effective Questions and Answers

Cobalt-60 is the name of our blog, an online digest dedicated to the art and science of communications. (It’s also an isotope of the element cobalt.)

Jul 22, 2020
Six Innovators in Isolation

During a global pandemic, it can be helpful during our own isolation to take a peek at artists and t...

Jun 23, 2020
Summer 2020’s Great Escape: Books

They say reading a great book is like escaping to another world. Here are 18 titles, recommended by ...

Jun 16, 2020

Taking a break can lead to a breakthrough. Take a break of your own while you enjoy photos from Coba...

Jun 5, 2020
The Power & Pitfalls of Clichés

Clichés aren’t always bad. They can foster togetherness, inclusion and mutual understanding — a...