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Strategy + Planning + Execution // Print + Digital + Social. Cobalt specializes in communicating complex information and communicating in complex organizational environments.
Successful communications rely on careful planning and disciplined execution. Cobalt begins with strategy, then makes that strategy unfold in new dimensions based on the needs of your audiences, the requirements of your message delivery channels and the limitations of your budget. We combine great writing, great thinking, great marketing and great timing. And we’re always focused on helping you meet your business goals.

Brand Strategy

For your brand to succeed, it must be distinct in a crowded marketplace. It must be clearly differentiated from competitive brands so customers can choose your product or service with confidence. Cobalt can help you craft a compelling positioning statement and build all of the brand elements that will take your business to the next level.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

Logo Design and Dissemination

Corporate Identity

Brand Guidelines
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If a brand is a promise, then a logo is the physical embodiment of that promise, a vehicle to communicate — both consciously and unconsciously — the essence of an organization's reputation. Cobalt has developed logos for companies, products and events, creating defining marks that help smaller brands grow and larger brands thrive.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communication refers to efforts used by organizations to advance organizational mission. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to deliver strategic communications, and Cobalt brings together a diverse team of writers, designers and planners to help our clients successfully communicate to key stakeholders.

Communications Planning

Change Management

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Leadership Communications

Internal Communications

External Communications
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Good strategic communication uses words and images, delivered through various channels, to help organizations convey messages to their internal and external audiences. Cobalt combines graphic design, information design and copywriting to create compelling campaigns and materials.

Digital Strategy

Today, a marketing strategy must incorporate the full range of available digital media: the web, email, internet applications and mobile applications. Cobalt will work with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that will unify and align your communications across all channels and, as a result, elevate your brand in the consciousness of your audience.

Website Architecture and Wireframing

Website Interface Design

Content Strategy and Design

Website Migration Planning

Social Media Planning
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It’s not enough to prepare content — words, images, videos — and then throw it at your customers, hoping they receive it and, more importantly, understand it. To communicate effectively, you must organize all of this information so that users can access it intuitively.

Strategic Meetings

A typical business meeting is an exercise in futility — little gets done and time is wasted. This can’t happen in a strategic meeting, which, when organized and conducted thoughtfully, can serve as an excellent vehicle to connect vision to action, facilitate discussion, and lead to a comprehensive plan to achieve company goals. Count on Cobalt to help you design, manage and deliver strategic meetings of any size and format.


Goal/Objectives Setting

Organizational Strategy

Annual Meetings

Team Integration
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Strategic meetings require deep thinking and disciplined planning. But they also require creative problem-solving and attention to detail. Cobalt offers a comprehensive set of design and execution services and maintains relationships with a variety of fabricators to ensure meeting materials arrive on time and in excellent condition.

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