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We’ve compiled a number of useful resources on one page — everything from materials that reveal a bit more about how we think and how we work to tools that help clarify thinking about your brand.

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Cobalt Communications 2016 Year in Review
We wanted to demonstrate what was possible with digital annual reports, so we developed our own to use as an example. The final report was set up to be delivered as a mobile-ready app or as desktop-friendly HTML — click on the image to view the desktop version.

Bolt from the Blue is Cobalt’s electronic newsletter, sent monthly or whenever inspiration strikes. Each issue tackles a communications topic that we think offers insights or sparks critical thinking in anyone interested in understanding understanding. To receive BFTB, (1) subscribe at right, (2) verify your email, (3) check your spam/junk folders if this initial email goes AWOL, and (4) enjoy.
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Message Makers are interactive tools that enable you to develop key messages that you can use immediately in your branding or marketing efforts. Check back regularly to see what’s new.
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Positioning statements clearly articulate how a brand (product or company) differentiates itself from the competition. There’s a formula for writing positioning statements — and this tool breaks it down. Click on the image to access the interactive PDF.