Cobalt Communications The Art + Science of Understanding

Process = Iteration + Collaboration

At Cobalt, we’re big fans of science history and, in particular, the history of technologies we now take for granted. Almost every invention and great discovery was the culmination of many scientists working together, not individuals toiling in isolation. That’s what Isaac Newton meant when he said, “If I have seen further, it’s because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”

Creative and communications professionals require the same level of collaboration to succeed. In fact, we can’t see what we need to see unless we stand on your shoulders. You are experts in your organizational strategy; we are experts in message- and meaning-making. To develop effective communications specific to your goals and strategies, we must collaborate. There is no other way. We cannot toil alone and expect to happen upon brilliance by accident. Brilliance is less about inspiration and much more about perspiration — rolling up our sleeves and working closely with you to achieve a shared success.
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Every project, large or small, should include some form of discovery. During discovery, the Cobalt team finds out from your team what’s really important: your marketing needs and goals, your audiences, and your desired results. We use this information to develop a goal-oriented project plan and to identify all of the appropriate deliverables.
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In addition to interviewing your team, we may: conduct a brand audit to understand what you’re already doing and why; perform a review of your corporate history, mission, vision, values, and culture; and complete an assessment of the industry environment and competitor landscape.
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Divergent thinking generates multiple related ideas for a given topic or solutions to a problem. This is a core Cobalt strength — our strategists, designers and writers work first to broaden the solution funnel, to think in a spontaneous, free-flowing, nonlinear manner to generate as many ideas as possible based on the unique requirements of your project.
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Arriving at an appropriate creative solution requires both iteration and collaboration. We debate and review proposed solutions internally before presenting them to your team for additional reaction, review and reiteration. This enables our team to refine our thinking and continue moving toward a single best solution.
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Generating a lot of ideas is one thing. Sifting through these ideas to find the one best idea is another thing altogether. This is the job of convergent thinking, to arrive at a single solution that solves your communications challenge or supports your unique business strategies and objectives.
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An idea is just an idea until it becomes expressed appropriately in a tangible way. The Cobalt team brings an approved idea to life by writing and designing various materials within the framework of a selected concept. We work closely with printers, vendors and other suppliers to make sure your materials meet Cobalt’s quality standards.
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After the thinking and creating is done, it’s time to make sure ideas get bolted down, strapped on and spring-loaded. Cobalt will prepare all files according to required specifications and work with installers, fabricators and service providers to make sure our collaborative efforts shine brightly and function perfectly in their final form.