Cobalt Communications The Art + Science of Understanding

Principled. Purposeful.

At Cobalt, we want to be the Isaac Newton of strategic marketing. He’s synonymous with science, with deep thinking, and with making creative connections. Cobalt strives to deliver on the same level — every single day, on every single project, with every single client. And our values as an organization — the principles that we live by — are derived directly from our eternal quest to tease understanding from complexity.
  • Cobalt Vision
    We will be the Isaac Newton of Strategic Marketing. Like Isaac Newton, we will stand tall as strategic marketers.

    We will be known to and respected by the giants of science, technology, healthcare and medicine.

    We will be recognized, respected and valued for the contributions we bring in achieving their goals in science, technology, healthcare and medicine.
  • Cobalt Mission
    We will achieve our vision by engaging strategically, thinking imaginatively, and executing flawlessly.

    We are guided by our QC3 commitment: Quality Content, Quality Creative, Quality Customer Service.
  • Cobalt Values
    We have a hunger for learning.

    We are driven to be better and are committed to continuous improvement.

    Imagination is our currency — we invest in it, we protect it, we exercise it, we share it, we reward it. We celebrate it.

    We collaborate without complaining, internally and externally.

    We embrace diversity of thinking.

    We seek inspiration from the world around us.

    We get excited by ideas and by making connections between ideas.

    We take time to think, but we don’t waste time.

    Customers rely on us for quality and efficiency — to live up to our commitments. We all live up to our commitments — as individuals and as a team.

    Productivity is our heartbeat — it keeps the business alive.

    A victory is a team victory. We celebrate as a team.

    We strive for quality, and understand that each of us plays a role in quality control.

    We own our mistakes and learn from them, but we don’t dwell on them.
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Why cobalt? Why a nautilus shell?

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The periodic table assembles the chaotic universe of the atom into a structured orderly system, making something complex easier to understand. That’s what we do every day with our clients’ stories and messages and why we adopted Cobalt as our name. We chose the nautilus as our logo because the whorled shell is an icon of biological diversity whose shape echoes the “C” in our name.

Cobalt also reflects the background of its principals. William Harris has a degree in biology, a minor in chemistry and has wielded that knowledge on behalf of numerous technically oriented clients. Leslie Harris has spent much of her career in the pharma and biotech industries. You could say science, technology and engineering are in our DNA — and in our wheelhouse.