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Practitioners of Problem-solving

Cobalt is a collection of science geeks, design wonks, and creative strategists. We’re a diverse group of individuals, but we have a common cause — to help our clients connect with their audiences. And then win their hearts and minds. Like many modern organizations, we extend the work of our full-time and part-time employees with a network of freelancers, partner agencies, and service bureaus, with the goal, always, of bringing together the right minds and talent to solve your communications challenges.

Cobalt’s leadership team includes:
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Leslie, Info Cruncher, President and Director of Corporate Client Strategy
The easiest way to describe Leslie is as a creative problem solver. The hardest thing to explain is how she does it. She absorbs multiple points of data and then, “click,” her brain synthesizes it, identifies a matrix of connections and sees a clear path to solutions. You might think this makes her overly analytical, but it is her ability to see things from different points of view, to understand the psychology of how people receive, process and respond to information, that makes it all come together. This skillset has served her well in almost 20 years’ working in change management and communications within large, complex organizations in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and packaged goods industries. Her ability to process the small details and plan for the big picture has been at the heart of decade-long relationships with clients.

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Bill, Blue-Sky Thinker, Vice President and Creative Director
Bill Harris founded Cobalt Communications in 2005 after an early career that included seven years of teaching science at the middle-school level, seven years developing concepts and copy at creative agencies, and two years managing channel communications at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. As the sole proprietor of Cobalt, he offered a full suite of editorial services, gaining recognition for the ability to transform technical information into clear, useful, readable stories. This led him to explore the visual aspects of storytelling — and to include graphic design as a key Cobalt offering. Today, he leads a talented team of designers and content specialists on behalf of clients that include HowStuffWorks/Discovery, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Bank of America Merchant Services, and Ashland Water Technologies (now known as Solenis).

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Mark Miller, Magic Maker, Art Director
Mark comes to Cobalt from Möbius, a digital marketing and advertising agency, where he served as an art director creating print and digital solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Before joining Möbius, Mark led his own design firm, MillerMark Studios, and contributed innovative and effective marketing solutions for such clients as Evolution Marketing Research, St. Francis Hospital, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and, among others. He is an amazingly versatile and gifted designer who has worked on national and international image and branding campaigns, interactive design, packaging, retail merchandising and trade show exhibits. At Cobalt, Mark will spearhead our creative efforts, shape our marketing and social media channels and serve on the leadership team.

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Lisa, Relationship Builder, Business Development
Lisa, a lifelong designer and creative spirit, began her career as an interior designer for a major mid-Atlantic firm. In that role, she realized that she enjoyed building relationships with people as much as choosing colors and specifying paint, fixtures, and furniture. That led her to explore account management positions in creative agencies until she joined the leadership team of Orbit Integrated in 1997. As president of the B2B brand development firm, she managed all sales and marketing activities, growing the business to more than two million dollars in revenue. Today, in addition to spearheading Cobalt’s business development efforts, Lisa leads Boyer New York, a costume jewelry company that has been synonymous with style and high quality for decades. She is a true people person and an optimist at heart. But her skills as a creative are always on display, which makes her an invaluable asset to Cobalt’s designers looking for inspiration or consultation.

A Cobalt career?

Do you geek out over science, nature, and technology? Are you a lifelong learner who loves to read — and explore new ideas? Do you look at creative campaigns, either because they’re brilliant or blowfly material, and wish you could throw some ideas into the mix? Then you might be a good fit for Cobalt. Send a résumé, clips, heck, even lyrics that you’ve written, to Leslie Harris. We’re always on the lookout for talented writers, designers, and storytellers.