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Strategic Communications

Strategic communication refers to efforts used by organizations to advance their organizational mission. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to do this effectively, and Cobalt brings together a diverse team of writers, designers and strategists to help our clients successfully communicate to key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Communications Planning
    Many organizations and departments struggle to unify and integrate messages across multiple communications vehicles. Cobalt will listen to your communications challenges and goals and assess how communications fit into broader corporate strategies. Then we can help you identify your target audience, determine appropriate communications vehicles and develop targeted messages that motivate your audience to act and respond.
  • Change Management
    Organizational change — e.g., major implementations related to IT or HR initiatives — can cause unrest among employees and hamper productivity. If they don’t know about and understand the need for change, they will act with skepticism and fear. A proactive change management strategy can ease these concerns and keep employees engaged, on-point and on-task. Cobalt can help you with everything from change readiness assessment to communications planning and execution to training and measurement.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
    You’ve heard the phrase before: Throw something at the wall to see what sticks. Unfortunately, many businesses take this approach to their own marketing efforts. The opposite of this is integrated marketing, which seeks to coordinate and harmonize marketing messages across various media to ensure those messages reach the greatest possible number of people in the target market. Cobalt can work closely with your internal marketing team to define target audiences, develop campaign objectives, identify appropriate channels to deliver messages, and then create a suite of fully integrated materials that amplify your voice in the market and maximize your marketing dollars.
  • Leadership Communications
    Leadership communication occurs whenever organizational leaders engage internal or external stakeholders, creating opportunities to build trust. It’s critical that, in these moments of connection, leaders are reflecting the values and culture of the organization and that the messages they’re delivering are of significant importance to employees, customers, strategic partners, and the media. Cobalt can help with this realm of communications, helping business leaders deliver messages that are consistent with stated values and behaviors and that occur in an appropriate cadence.
  • Internal Communications
    Communication happens even when it doesn’t. It’s because of this rule that proactive internal communication — the exchange of information, message, facts, and opinions between members of an organization or various units of an organization — is so important, especially as companies grow in size. The basic rules of communication (know your audience, choose your channels wisely, strive for consistency, and choose an appropriate cadence) apply just as strongly to internal communications, and Cobalt can help you with all aspects. Whether your team or business unit is dealing with a major change or you’re simply trying to maintain day-to-day employee engagement, Cobalt can be your partner and can even embed ourselves as a member of your team.
  • External Communications
    External communication describes interactions between your organization and any stakeholder from the external environment, such as customers, suppliers, investors, government agencies, or the general public. These interactions can occur across multiple mediums and can take many forms, including advertising, websites, direct mail, annual reports, press releases, and corporate collateral. Cobalt can help you plan, manage and execute your external communications to help strengthen your brand and protect your corporate reputation.
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When the Tissue and Towel team at Ashland Water Technologies sought to attract paper mills with its superior chemistry and service, they contacted Cobalt, who teamed up with partner agency Aesthetica to introduce The Ashland Advantage.
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NBPTS contracted with Cobalt to develop the strategy and content to build awareness of the value of Board Certification among certification-eligible teachers in six identified regions, resulting in the Whole > Sum concept and the tagline “All. Together. Greater.”
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When Energize Delaware needed to inform homeowners about available rebates for energy-efficient improvements, Cobalt teamed up with partner agency Aesthetica to develop a marketing campaign based on the RETHINK – RECEIVE – RENEW concept.
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In 2007, Heraeus Thick Film Materials, a key provider of solutions for the microelectronics industry, wanted to celebrate 40 years of supplying high-performance materials. Cobalt helped to provide content for print ads and other deliverables.
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Hercules Paper Technologies and Ventures came to Cobalt to help develop a brochure highlighting the company’s chemistries and application services. Our team proposed “Shaping the Future of Paper” theme, which suggested an origami theme that was applied to several materials.
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In 2005, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals implemented the “Road Scholars” driver safety program to build awareness and improve driver skills. Cobalt led the concept and content development for the launch campaign.
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Quigley Corporation, maker of Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges for cold sufferers, hired Cobalt to help develop its 2007 annual report. Working with partner agency Mease Communications, Cobalt drafted the narrative content for both Quigley Corporation and Quigley Pharma.
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When Ashland Water Technologies was acquired and changed its name to Solenis, the chemicals manufacturer partnered with Cobalt to help develop and transition content for a number of materials, including brochures, sell sheets and case studies.
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Cobalt worked with Solenis to develop five videos about recent innovations for its Tissue and Towel business. Our team wrote the scripts, attended filming and provided input during post-production. The completed videos were posted on the Solenis website.
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Faced with significant industry change, AstraZeneca wanted to produce a video to highlight the 10 most important trends shaping the healthcare industry. Cobalt wrote the script, created the graphics, recorded the voiceover and produced the final video.