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Digital Strategy

Today, a marketing strategy must incorporate the full range of available digital media: the web, email, internet applications and mobile applications. Cobalt will work with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that will unify and align your communications across all channels and, as a result, elevate your brand in the consciousness of your audience.
  • Website Architecture and Wireframing
    It’s not enough to prepare content — words, images, videos — and then throw it at your customers, hoping they receive it and, more importantly, understand it. To communicate effectively, you must organize all of this information so that users can access it intuitively. This is known as information architecture, and at Cobalt, we can help you with all facets of the discipline, from defining user needs, to analyzing data sets, to creating site maps, site-flow diagrams and wireframes that show how a website or mobile app will work from a practical perspective.
  • Website Interface Design
    Websites used to take a back seat to traditional communications. Now they anchor a company’s marketing strategies. An effective website interface will encourage connections between your brand and your audience. Cobalt has extensive experience developing website interfaces, both as information architects and as content providers. Our designers have extensive experience in the latest technology standards and frameworks, such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and AJAX, and they will work closely with you to transform your static website into an engaging tool that delivers a high-impact experience to customers.
  • Content Strategy and Design
    Compelling content is the holy grail of marketing. When it’s managed and developed strategically, great content enhances user experience, builds your brand, and helps your organization achieve business goals. Cobalt helps you execute on your content strategy by sourcing experienced content authors and by managing and organizing content creation. We can create custom content from scratch or make recommendations about repurposing existing content in an effort to maximize your digital assets.
  • Website Migration Planning
    Moving a legacy website to a new platform — for example, from ExpressionEngine or Drupal to WordPress — is an increasingly common challenge. But it takes more than a simple scrape to preserve valuable assets and content hierarchies. Cobalt brings years of experience to every website project, which means we can help you migrate an existing website to a new development environment. Our team will review your existing web content and work with you to develop a migration plan that includes the approach to be taken, the key challenges in the migration, search engine optimization considerations, usability adjustments, customer impact, and any other key points.
  • Social Media Planning
    Social media is fast becoming a serious marketing tool for businesses. Compared to traditional communications channels, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to communicate in real-time with your audience and attract fans, followers and friends who can evangelize your brand. Cobalt provides a number of a social media services. We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy focused on user engagement and then we can work with you at a tactical level to implement your strategy across the major networks.
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Cobalt worked with partner agency Catoe Group to write core content and dozens of product description for CPS-LED, a South Carolina-based provider of LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications.
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Evolution Marketing Research provides qualitative and quantitative research to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies all over the world. In 2009, Cobalt helped the company plan, organize and develop content for its public-facing website.
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In another partnership with Catoe Group, Cobalt provided all content development services for ExNovo Solutions, Inc., which delivers high-value, high-payoff services and solutions to the Defense and Intelligence communities.
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After helping Solenis with its public website, Cobalt was called in to offer content strategy and writing services for two of the company’s intranet sites — human resources and information technology.
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When Ashland Water Technologies was acquired to form Solenis, the company had to launch a new website in 90 days. Cobalt worked side-by-side with other external branding and digital agencies to migrate or write content in time for the launch.
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Partner agency Immerge Technologies collaborated with Cobalt to provide a complete website redesign for Precision Medical Products. Our team provided all content strategy and development for the site.
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Cobalt helped Concordia Pharmaceuticals strategize, design, write and program a new website for its Nilandron product, which is used in combination with surgical castration in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer.
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Instant Ocean, a brand of marine salt for aquarists who wish to re-create an ocean habitat in their home tanks, had a long and interesting history. Cobalt helped capture its story and history on the company’s consumer website.
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The original concept for the Trinity Behavioral Care website was to have candid video essays from patients and family members. When budget limitations made delivering this challenging, Cobalt stepped in to help partner agency Catoe Group develop written narratives.
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When Hercules Paper Technologies and Ventures introduced imPress, a new chemistry for the next generation of high-performing printer paper, Cobalt provided content for a microsite designed to anchor an integrated sales and marketing campaign.
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Cobalt provides naming, design and writing services for a number of internal and external digital newsletters. This newsletter was created for an AstraZeneca team communicating about a major technology implementation.