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The Lessons of Winning and Losing: A Primer for Marketing Communications


Ali, Namath, Secretariat — we remember winners because they overcame staggering odds to reach the pinnacle of their sport. But if there’s a winner, there must be a loser. History’s winners and losers can teach us a lot about how to communicate effectively. In this article, we consider a few classic victor vs. vanquished duos to uncover important marketing lessons. Read More…

The Art and Science of Understanding

At Cobalt, we take understanding seriously. But what does that really mean? What is understanding? When someone attains understanding, what have they achieved? In this post, we try to understand understanding more deeply. Read More…

The Complexity of Simplicity


Achieving understanding can always be “easier” on an audience ... but can’t always be “easy.” When creating infographics, you should strive to facilitate understanding, but if you oversimplify information too much or fail to give readers additional opportunities to dig deeper, then you may be falling short as a communicator. Read More…