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From Wannabe to Winnner: 7 Key Ingredients of Winning Organizations


Leaders of all kinds may feel they’re working 24/7 to take their organizations to the next level. There are this year’s trends and this quarter’s results and next quarter’s forecasts to worry about. You’ve built 7 highly effective habits but may feel frustrated enough to scream those 7 dirty words or commit one of the 7 deadly sins. Let’s reverse-engineer successes of organizations that have made it to where you want to be. Read More…

Why is North Up? How Flipping Your Perspective Can Lead to Creative Success


The north pole is at the top of the world, and the south pole is at the bottom. But why is this? There is no scientific reason that one pole should be considered “up” and one “down.” A brief history lesson about the Mercator projection can help us appreciate the importance of a fresh perspective in our creative strategies.
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