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The Art and Science of Understanding

At Cobalt, we take understanding seriously. But what does that really mean? What is understanding? When someone attains understanding, what have they achieved? In this post, we try to understand understanding more deeply. Read More…

Enabling Innovation “On Demand”

Hand Reaching for Blocks
Encouraging innovation in today’s business environment takes much more than a suggestion box placed in a breakroom. Leaders of forward-thinking organizations don’t wait for passive inspiration to strike. They design spaces and situations that actively propel creative thinking, helping teams to think big — and fast. Read More…

The Complexity of Simplicity


Achieving understanding can always be “easier” on an audience ... but can’t always be “easy.” When creating infographics, you should strive to facilitate understanding, but if you oversimplify information too much or fail to give readers additional opportunities to dig deeper, then you may be falling short as a communicator. Read More…

Message Eclipsing and Leadership: How to Avoid Overshadowing Your Own Messages


Eclipse mania may be fading (along with the white-hot images on our retinas), but the idea of an eclipse — an obscuring of light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and an observer — made me think about how this phenomenon applies to communications. Is it possible to behave in such a way or deliver messages in such a way that the audience only remembers the person sending, not the content being sent? Read More…

The Anatomy of a Great Tagline


Call it a slogan. Call it a cutline. Call it a tagline. Whatever you call it, just don't dismiss it as a piece of throwaway marketing language. A powerful tagline can help you differentiate your business and attract new customers. Read More…

5 Reasons to Publish a Digital Annual Report — Even If You’re Not Required to Publish One


Annual reports — glorified financial statements or robust marketing tools? (Hint: we believe in the latter.) Even though Cobalt is a private company and we don’t legally have to publish an annual report, we chose to create one (and go digital) for 2016 because it offers so many marketing opportunities. And your company could reap these benefits, too. Read More…