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Equinox: Sales vs Marketing (In)Equality


Most businesses have a dividing line between sales and marketing. Very few, however, have complete equality between these two functions, and that’s perfectly okay. What is important is understanding the difference between sales and marketing and accounting for both activities in your business planning. As you celebrate the equinox, take some time to reevaluate and rebalance your sales and marketing efforts. Read More…

Context Is King: The Role of Context in Communication

Marketing and communications professionals hear about content every day, and those of us actually tasked with producing it think about it all the time. But effective communication isn’t only about what you say, it’s also about how and when you say it to whom. This is where context comes in, and it matters a lot in ALL forms of communication: spoken, written and nonverbal. Read More…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A Marketer’s Guide


Even for the most experienced marketing pros, the responsibility of keeping your brand’s content flowing across the web can be daunting, even exhausting. It’s like feeding a monster that’s never satisfied. So, in this article, we turn to a familiar mantra of environmentalism — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — to explore how marketers and business professionals can get more mileage out of their content and do more with less. Read More…

The Lessons of Winning and Losing: A Primer for Marketing Communications


Ali, Namath, Secretariat — we remember winners because they overcame staggering odds to reach the pinnacle of their sport. But if there’s a winner, there must be a loser. History’s winners and losers can teach us a lot about how to communicate effectively. In this article, we consider a few classic victor vs. vanquished duos to uncover important marketing lessons. Read More…