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Thinking Inside the Board: Using Mood Boards to Generate Ideas and Build Consensus

Also called vision boards or inspiration boards, mood boards are tools for communicating a vision, feeling, theme, persona or mood for a design or a style in a way that can be quickly absorbed and understood by those viewing them. Mood boards can be used to confirm that all stakeholders are on the same page or get feedback if not. Join Cobalt Communications Art Director Mark Miller on an exploration of this vital design tool. Read More…

The Zen of Zero: The Pluses and Minuses of Inbox Zero


Aristotle once remarked, “We are what we frequently do.” If this is the case, do we want to be our email inboxes? And does the “Inbox Zero” email management technique function as the cure to the email abyss or compound the disease? This article examines Inbox Zero to determine its utility. Read More…