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Message Eclipsing and Leadership: How to Avoid Overshadowing Your Own Messages


Eclipse mania may be fading (along with the white-hot images on our retinas), but the idea of an eclipse — an obscuring of light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and an observer — made me think about how this phenomenon applies to communications. Is it possible to behave in such a way or deliver messages in such a way that the audience only remembers the person sending, not the content being sent? Read More…

The Anatomy of a Great Tagline


Call it a slogan. Call it a cutline. Call it a tagline. Whatever you call it, just don't dismiss it as a piece of throwaway marketing language. A powerful tagline can help you differentiate your business and attract new customers. Read More…

The Anatomy of a Great Name


So what’s in the DNA of a great name, the unseen coding that makes it look and sound like a million dollars? Our checklist dissects five simple requirements that will help your brand grow into an empire worthy of worship. Read More…