5 Reasons to Publish a Digital Annual Report — Even If You’re Not Required to Publish One


Annual reports — glorified financial statements or robust marketing tools? (Hint: we believe in the latter.) Even though Cobalt is a private company and we don’t legally have to publish an annual report, we chose to create one (and go digital) for 2016 because it offers so many marketing opportunities. And your company could reap these benefits, too.
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Science, Communications and Storytelling — It’s “All in the Family”

Johnson and Johnson Powerhouse Museum

Big news in the Cobalt extended family — Johnson & Johnson recently unveiled their new Our Story at the Power House museum in New Brunswick, NJ, with help from Margaret Gurowitz, chief historian at J&J (also known as Leslie’s sister-in-law). Photo courtesy of Nick Muscavage/MyCentralJersey.com

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Cobalt Takes Pinnacle Awards to a Higher Level

170428_Pinnacle Awards Header

2016 marked not only the 10th year for the AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals MAPS Pinnacle Awards, but the first year that they were presented virtually — and Cobalt had a big hand in making it happen, all the way from event preparation to completion. Read More…

Building a Business vs. Building a Brand: Channel Your Inner Eisenhower


As a company owner, leader or manager, you're not just building a business. You're building a brand. “Doing business” refers to day-to-day operational stuff. “Building a brand” refers to developing an idea that is worth loving — an idea that will connect what you do with the people who consume it and create a memorable, emotional reaction. And the secret to building your brand? Knowing what's important and what's urgent.

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The Power of Procrastination


In high school and college, I always claimed that I did my best work under pressure. I’d wait until the last minute to write papers and finish projects, not because I didn’t have time, but because I wanted to use that time for other things, like easier assignments and naps. My motto was, “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?”

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