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Our mission is not, ahem, rocket science. Or maybe it is. We help companies that change lives through science by applying the science of strategic communications.


Cobalt is a collection of science geeks, design wonks and deep thinkers. We’re a diverse group of individuals, but we have a common cause — to help our clients connect with their audiences. And then win their hearts and minds.
Leslie Harris, Cobalt President and Director of Client Strategy. Prior to joining Cobalt, Leslie worked for 20 years in change management and communications in complex organizations, where she balanced creative thinking and strategic planning. Today, she plies those skills to help Cobalt clients make stronger connections with their audiences.

What she brings to Cobalt: Leslie is a creative problem solver. She can absorb multiple points of data, then click — her brain synthesizes it, identifies a matrix of connections and sees a clear path to solutions. And yet she’s not overly analytical — it’s her ability to understand the psychology of how people receive, process and respond to information that makes it all come together.
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William Harris, Creative Director. Bill founded Cobalt in 2005 after a career as an educator and agency copywriter. Over the years, he gained recognition for his ability to transform technical information into compelling content. Today, he leads our creative team, bringing strategic concepts to life through great writing and design.

What he loves about his work: The thrill of the hunt — for great ideas, that is. And it’s not just about quantity. Evaluating concepts to select one that exquisitely supports a client’s business strategy is just as exciting to Bill as the paparazzi flash of inspiration.
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Jack Harris, Art Director. Jack is a multifaceted graphic designer and illustrator who has exhibited creative and strategic thinking capabilities for more than 30 years. He is the recipient of a number of awards from The Society of Illustrators, The Society of Publication Designers, Print Magazine and Communication Arts magazine.

Where he draws inspiration: From comic books, especially those featuring Gotham’s Dark Knight. Jack grew up reading, collecting and creating his own superhero stories, and now that he’s older, we’re happy to say that very little has changed.
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Katie LaBranche, Content Specialist. Katie comes to us as a recent graduate of Bridgewater College, where she polished her communication skills and tried to stay out of trouble. She turns her love of words and writing into scintillating prose for Cobalt’s clients. She also manages content for the Cobalt-60 blog.

Where she learned the ropes: Katie has a myriad of journalistic experiences, including writing for her college newspaper, an indie music magazine, a realtor, an aviation company and numerous blogs. She knows a little bit about (almost) everything.
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Naomi Ornstein, Graphic Designer. Naomi grew up in the Shenandoah Valley, but she traveled north of the Mason-Dixon to study graphic design at the Delaware College of Art and Design and Pratt Institute in New York. Her ideas help push our creative boundaries, and she always has something unique to add that delivers an extra pop.

What else she loves: Her cat, Toothless! (Yes, she is named for the dragon.) Adopted from the SPCA shelter at barely two months old, Toothless resembles her namesake in being black with green eyes — though she’s not missing a tail fin. Naomi also enjoys jumping on her trampoline and reminiscing about her days as a gymnast.
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Tara Witter, Office Manager. Tara honed her skills, as a planner and ringmaster, in a variety of diverse environments, including law, fundraising, tourism hospitality, and real estate. She makes sure Cobalt employees are paid (and caffeinated) and helps with project management and creative brainstorming.

What she loves about her work: The satisfaction of bringing complex projects in under tight deadlines and high standards, the opportunity to develop her creative side, and hanging out with such awesome colleagues.
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At Cobalt, we value creative thinking, stories as change catalysts and the process of learning about the world around us. These values guide everything we do, with every client we serve.
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Service with a simile. (And with a smile.) You don’t have to give up good service to get inspired thinking. At Cobalt, we specialize in both so our clients can feel comfortable calling us on the phone — and completely confident that our solutions will sparkle with that little something-something known as Cobalt Creative.
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Minding the minutiae. Of course you get blue-sky thinking when you work with us. But what good is a great idea if it never makes it to
the finish line? That’s why we pay close attention to the details, dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s and sweating the small stuff across the life cycle of your project, from ideation to creation to production and delivery.
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Versatility and verisimilitude. We take pride in our ability to tackle lots of different topics and the many different facets of effective communication. Content creation? Content visualization? Content management? We’ll help you do it all — without complaint. Because at Cobalt, what you see is what you get: conscientious creatives who enjoy helping our clients succeed.

Why cobalt? Why a nautilus shell?

The periodic table assembles the chaotic universe of the atom into a structured orderly system, making something complex easier to understand. That’s what we do every day with our clients’ stories and messages and why we adopted Cobalt as our name. We chose the nautilus as our logo because the whorled shell is an icon of biological diversity whose shape echoes the “C” in our name.

Cobalt also reflects the background of its principals. William Harris has a degree in biology, a minor in chemistry and has wielded that knowledge on behalf of numerous technically oriented clients. Leslie Harris has spent much of her career in the pharma and biotech industries. You could say science, technology and engineering are in our DNA — and in our wheelhouse.
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