Cobalt Communications The Art + Science of Understanding

The Art + Science of Understanding

You’ve got something to say. You need someone to hear it — and understand it. That’s where Cobalt comes in. We work at the intersection of science and strategy, helping healthcare, medical, technology and scientific companies engage their internal and external audiences more effectively. We are experts at communicating complex information within complex organizations, and we always apply our collective imaginations to elevate your materials — and your messages — to a new level. Explore how we’ve done this for some of our clients by clicking on any image below to access our portfolio of work.
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Cobalt-60 is an isotope of the element cobalt. It’s also the name of our blog, an online digest dedicated to the art and science of communications. Check out our latest posts — and don’t forget to subscribe via the Cobalt-60 RSS feed.
  • Environmental branding can benefit any business, large or small
  • It’s official: Cobalt has a new location and new signage
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    Successful environmental branding creates a physical space in retail stores, restaurants, or office environments that embodies a brand and communicates its attributes, personality and key messages. It carefully considers factors such as color, texture and materials, size and smell. Read more.
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    We moved to a new office location in November 2017. It didn’t take us long to realize that Cobalt-branded signage was critical to day-to-day operations — and to our overall brand. Keep reading to learn about the installation of our sign, as well as a few fun facts about the history of signage.

Science-focused. Strategic-minded. We partner with global companies that employ thousands of people, as well as smaller businesses with just a few associates. Either way, we work best with organizations that appreciate the value of strategic communications.
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